Mini Event: Saving Tiger King

Valkyrie Airsoft's Mini Event. This event will be focused on claiming Critical Terrain Points (our digital point system), Rescuing man downs with Med/Evac Kits, and Guarding VIP's.
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Mini Event: Saving Tiger King

Time & Location

May 29, 2020, 5:00 PM EDT – May 30, 2020, 6:00 PM EDT
Red Fox Games, 1 Red Fox Run, Woodruff, SC 29388, USA

About the Event

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 Valkyrie Airsoft's Mini Event. This event will be focused on claiming Critical Terrain Points (our digital point system), Rescuing man downs with Med/Evac Kits, and Guarding VIP's.

This will be centered on bringing the airsoft community back together after our 2 month-long "shelter in place" all the while getting plenty of trigger time in!

Gameplay will commence Friday night (included in ticket purchase), in Redfox's claim to fame, Silverado City. Bring your NVG's, Thermals and Tactical Lights as you battle it out to keep the darkness from claiming the city. RED DEADLIGHT OF ANY SORT IS REQUIRED FOR THE NIGHT EVENT.

Saturday will start early morning with a lunch break mid day. Afternoon games will resume until 6pm.

A Raffle will take place shortly after to conclude this mini event.

No Smoke/Pyro Allowed

Ticket Tiers: Pre-Registration $45 until 5/15 @11:45pm

Registration $55 until 5/28 @11:45pm

Late Registration $65

Rule Set


-ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST HAVE MATCHING TOP AND BOTTOM CAMO that corresponds to their sides base camo being Green or Tan. NO JEANS, GYM SHORTS, FLANNELS ETC. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY IF THIS IS WORN. - Remain in the proper uniform that corresponds to your ticket. - Uniforms must match the base color of your side. - Cold weather clothing must also be the same base color of your side. - Headgear can be any color EXCEPT NO BLACK OR RED HEADGEAR. -NO GRAY UNIFORMS ALLOWED - Gear color does not matter.


ALL AIRSOFT REPLICAS WILL BE CHRONO'd USING .32g bbs. ALL AIRSOFT REPLICAS WILL BE TAGGED WITH JOULES REPORTED - HPA Regulators will be wrapped with tamper proof tape - AEG body's will be tamper proof taped - Pistols will not need to be chrono'd. 0ft MED

NO SMG CLASS (will be treated as a Rifleman)

RIfleman: 0-1.55 Joules NO MED 0ft, Semi Auto Only

Support Gunner: 0-1.86 Joules MED is 50ft for lmgs.

DMR: 1.55-2.0 Joules SEMI (Locked) ONLY 75 ft MED

SNIPER: 1.55-2.5 Joules BOLT ONLY 100 ft MED


Everyone must sign a waiver, have a wrist band, be safety briefed, display the event patch, chrono and have gun tag present before playing. Chrono violation will result in immediate removal from the field.


MID CAP ONLY EVENT. Excluding Support Weapons (support weapons are limited to 2x 2500 box mags on the field) and field provided rental guns (1x high cap allowed).

1. Full Face Protection Required under the age of 18. Preferably a mesh lower face mask. Balaclava’s, Shemaghs, and other items are acceptable but must remain covering the lower half of the players face while on the field. Full face is strongly recommended for players over 18..

2. All Eye Pro must be full seal. NO MESH GOGGLES ALLOWED. To be considered full seal, eye protection must be able to pass the pencil test. If a pencil eraser can pass between the glasses and your face it is not full seal and not approved for play.

3. Do not remove Eye Pro on the field at any time. You get one warning, upon a second offense you will be asked to sit out for an hour, upon a third offense you will be asked to leave the field for the day.

4. If you lose your Eye Pro for any reason, or are hurt while on the field follow the following procedure. Cover your face with your hands and yell "Blind Man" as loud as you can. Everyone who hears this, repeats it, and everything comes to a stop until a ref gives the all clear. This is for emergencies ONLY.

5. Mags out and no firing in the staging area or parking lot.

6. No Safety Kills

7. NO PYRO OR SMOKE GRENADES FOR THIS EVENT ONLY....Sound Grenades and air grenades are allowed ie. Thunder B's, Blanks, Cyclones, Tornados or equivalents. Foam Rockets are allowed.

8. NO Enola Gaye Smokes for this Location ONLY

9. Airstrikes deployed by admin can either kill entire buildings + 15ft around the building on all sides (4-airstrikes used at once) OR just a 15ft kill radius (1-airstrike used). This all depends on the # of airstrikes authorized by the CO. Follow admin's instructions if caught in an airstrike.

10. SEMI AUTO ONLY for all weapons except an approved support weapon.

11. No Blind Fire. You must be able to see what you are shooting at. Players can shoot through holes so long as they are as big as their face and can see where their rounds are going. No Crack Shooting.

12. Dead men don't talk. Dead men cannot say or do anything that will affect gameplay. They may talk amongst themselves or pick on their friends but cannot give out information.

13. Ricochets are the only hit that doesn't count. Any direct bb strike to your person or gear counts as a HIT. This Includes friendly fire. Weapon Hits do not count. If you think you may have been hit call hit and wait for a medic or bleed out. “When in doubt, call out.” If a player is shooting through soft cover (being bushes or shrubs) this is not considered a ricochet and is a direct hit.

14. No Riot Shields allowed

15. When eliminated pull a dead rag or raise your hand and loudly call “HIT” and wait for a medic or bleed out for 5 min and walk back to respawn.

16. MEDIC RULES. Each player must carry 2 tourniquets. (Ex. Ace bandage, MSW tourniquets, hair scrunchie, rope etc). Once a player is deemed “hit” their teammates may locate that players tourniquet and tie or secure it on any portion of that players body. And will then be considered revived or in play. Once they have used their 2 tourniquets, on their third life once hit they will bleed out for 5 min and then walk back to respawn.

17. No overshooting or shooting after calling hit. Give the player you are shooting at a chance to call out before continuing to shoot them. If you have an issue get a referee’s attention and point out the problem player. Shooting another player after calling hit is grounds for removal from the field. IF YOU ARE IN THE LINE OF FIRE, REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THAT AREA IF YOUR HIT TO AVOID BEING OVERSHOT. However if a medic comes to revive you, you must return to your previous position.

18. Referee decisions are final. If they say you are hit, you are hit. Don't argue. Referee’s will not call you out unless they are 100% sure you are hit.

19. There will be a game brief explaining the game type, spawn points, and rules. You must be present for game brief to play. No talking during game brief. Please give the referee your undivided attention.

20. No verbal abuse or physical contact other than what is allowed for gameplay. (Don't curse someone out. Don't fight on the field.)

21. No alcohol or drugs on site.

22. No real weapons on the field. Firearms should be left secured in locked vehicles. Pocket knives or multi-tools safely secured in pockets or pouches are OK. No real blades of any kind strapped to player's kit. 

Registration is Closed

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