A Xombie's First Airsoft Game

I played paintball decades ago so when my brother in law Brandon invited me to play airsoft with him on his birthday I thought it would be fun. Not starting an addiction. We went to our local field where he had a birthday package set up with gun and mask rentals. This was in the spring where Friday's hours are a little different because we play at night. We get our guns and I'm already impressed with the KWA M4. We get setup to play then debriefing starts. They lay down some rules and tell us about the game type we will be playing. It's time, we all crowd on the small section of field and the countdown begins. 3...2...1, go go go! Everyone familiar with the field takes off running so I follow suit. I find myself on the corner of a building looking at the enemy teams path. I see an enemy and fire only to miss. But I'm very impressed with how the gun is shooting. Because of the style od mask I could not ads. So I start lobbing bbs his way making corrections for distance. Only to get shot in the arm and have to think for a second... That hurt a little, I thought this was airSOFT. Ok so I call hit! Run back to spawn and I'm back in. We play a few matches then they announced That we will be playing zombies next. I'm immediately intrigued. They start handing out glow sticks and explaining how to play. Needless to say I had a blast and I found something new to do for a hobby. Flash forward a year and I'm trying to get coworkers and friends to play. I ask Brandon and of course he is ready. He also tells me about mystery boxes and the Box of Awesomeness. After some research I buy a gun and I'm looking into how to remove the orange tip and come across a video by TriFecta. And there it is... A Box of Awesomeness unboxing. I watch one video and immediately sub to the channel. I was very impressed with the production quality and humor in the videos. This all just feeds the addiction... In a good way. Thank you TriFecta for everything you do! And thank you Brandon for introducing me to this amazing sport!


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