Cheater / Fight Videos - Giving the Hobby A Bad Name?

Ever been to an Event or a Open Play and things start to get ugly? People yelling and accusing others of Cheating, Non-Hit Calling or upset over the way someone is playing? When or if It happens and people forgot about the most basic thing about our Hobby of Airsoft....It is a Game and Games are supposed to be fun!

More often then not, the people being accusing of Cheating, Non-Hit Calling and other infractions to the Rules might not be guilty. A BB can sometime have a mind of its own and fly off at any angle with the slightest breeze and sometimes shooting through brush deflects shots. Shooting straight at another players only to have the BB drops sharply right before it gets to them could look like a hit. Someone could go out of bounds by accident, continue to fire at you after you are hit or shoot inside a building on Full Auto...these could be accidents and not intentional. Getting Upset and becoming Physical as a response it is not.

In this day when every one has some sort of video recording device on their replica or gear, filming the it good or bad can be caught on video. One person uploads a Cheater or Fight Video to the web and it is then picked up by other social media platforms and goes viral. Then the video on all the Social Media Platforms starts to get hundreds of views and search engines get this data and give back these Cheater/Fight videos as results.

I did a search of just "Airsoft" on YouTube and in the Top 5 search results were 2 'Fight' videos. In the Top 10 videos listed, 4 were Fight Videos. What kind of message does this send about our Hobby?

If a person looking to get into Airsoft or a Parent doing research about the hobby went to YouTube and got these results, what would they think? Would they make the conclusion that the whole hobby is lumped into a category of being about 'fighting' and 'cheating'. Maybe.

Bottom line: Stuff it good or bad on the field. How you react to it can also be Good or Bad. If you come to a Game and you are there to have fun....have fun. Keep an positive attitude that everyone else is there to have fun and the game will be fun. Display that positive attitude on the field and maybe it will rub off on other players. Because remember...not matter what you do, it could be on video.

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