How old is too old or too young for airsoft? 

The first time I played at our local field, I was expecting to get shot by a bunch of kids substantialy younger me. To my surprise there were quite a few young adults all the way to middle age men there. After hearing the rule about any minor must be accompanied by an adult this made more sense. And no children under the age of 8. Children must wear goggles or glasses under a mesh helmet.

I love seeing dads out there with their kids. I am awaiting the day when I can take my two sons to play matches by my side. This I feel will teach them how to respect firearms and also help with proper handling. As well as provide training on taking cover, strategies for taking and holding areas, and how to defend an area in a safe environment. All things I feel are invaluable to children that are growing up in an internet age.

On the contrary, I feel if your body can take a day at the field without breaking then the more the merrier! I have heard people say things like "you're playing with toy guns?" My response is simply just come try it and you will see how real these toys guns can be. I recently encouraged a gentleman that is 54 to play. Who is now almost more addicted to airsoft than I am.

Airsoft could be one of the only physical sports that most anyone can play. I have even heard of someone playing in a wheelchair!

I'm going to attach a link to r/airsoft thread that talks about this a little more. It's good to see others feel the same way I do. Stay safe and respectful out there!

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