Keeper's Rant - Playing Airsoft Safe in Public View

With all the Drama lately with Events, Promoters and Legality of where they have held their events, all that stuff is unimportant in my opinion. Playing Safe and not in the Public view is the MOST important thing.

Public's perception seems to be the issue most of the time with everything in Airsoft now. A GBB Pistol that looks like the real thing or a AK that is so real that someone can not tell the difference. It is the job of the Players attending an Event, OP or going to your Local Field to follow the rules and and be aware of the two most important aspects of Airsoft....Be Smart & Be Safe.

Walking in Public view with a Airsoft Replica is not smart, no matter how you look at it. If you have to traverse to a location or if you are in the Public view, your Airsoft Replicas SHOULD be in a Gun bag or some type of case.

If you see someone at An Event, OP or even at a Local Field carrying a Replica without a Gun Bag in public view, tell them about it (politely) and even offer to throw their replica(s) in your Gun bag. Safety and a Positive Public Perception....something everyone should strive for, regardless if it is at an Event, Playing at your Local Field or even at your home.

Promote Safety and others will follow by example......


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