Social Distancing

2020 will go down as the year of COVID-19 and how it affected everything. School, Work, Friends and naturally...Airsoft. So far I had two Airsoft events cancelled and several more Airsoft locations such as Paintball Fields and Indoor Arenas shut their doors till May. It has affected my finances as well with my work with people's Replicas dropping off and a couple of Replica sales I had in the works. I can only imagine what will happen with some one that was working full time that has to stay at home now. Working Remote only goes so far and Bills still need to be paid. Going to be a tough couple of months. I would like for you to share your stories about people and what is happening with them during this time period. I know the social isolation people feel now is depressing and only time will tell how this all plays out. -Don 'Keeper' Swelgin


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