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Are your part of the Local Team in your Area? Do you play with a group of Fiends on a regular basis? Post up your information so everyone can know where you are from and maybe you will find some new people to enjoy the Hobby with in your Area!!

I will post some information on my Team and give you an Idea on what information might be good to include in your comments. Put in anything you like and get the word out on your Team!

The Patriot Squad "Honor, Integrity & Respect"

We are a local group of Mil Sim Airsofters based out of Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area of Pennsylvania. We are not a Para Military group in any way, but a group of people that love the sport of Mil Sim. We are laid back and chilled, but when it comes down to business we train hard and we play hard.

Youtube: Website: Facebook: --------- --------- Instagram: Twitter: Squad Page:

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